• Born and Raised in NJ. Born in Atlantic City and lived in Northfield NJ from the age of 4 1/2 until now.
    and proud of it!!

  • Born in Pleasantville, lived in Northfield & Clifton. Moved to New York City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, back to several places in NJ (Moorestown, Medford, CedarBrook) then to the Philippines, back to NJ and now live in Colorado Springs, CO, but visit NJ often….like they say..You can take the girl out of Jersey, but not the Jersey out of the girl.

  • Lived in Ridgewood, should never have left! In California now and can’t wait to leave!!!

  • My mother was born in Malaga, New Jersey in 1925. She gave birth to me in Philadelphia in 1960, but I became a Jersey Girl and proud of it. I was raised and educated in New Jersey and I have enjoyed everything the state has to offer. The beautiful coastline, the historic battlefields, the quaint towns, the people. I may not have been born in Jersey but I will be buried in Jersey. Forever here until the end of days. #joydevivrejersey

  • Raised on a grape vineyard out in the country between Salem and Pennsville, New Jersey. True Jersey girl.

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